Collor Mic


  • SOUND RECORDING: With the Miracle Sound Microphone you can finally create the perfect videos and audio files on your smartphone and tablet. Pristine sound without .effort, no matter where you are.
  • SIMPLE OPERATION: Precise Design and Convenient Carrying.
  • EASY TO USE: Clip-on design, easy to clip it to your shirt, collar or placed in small pockets.
  • CONNECTOR: The 3.5mm type jack can be connected to PC / Laptop / wireless microphone transmitter with 3.5mm line-in / mic in.
  • USE FOR: Youtube, Interview, Recording, Podcasting, Conference call. Now you can instantly reproduce your voice, no additional plugs or batteries needed.


Collor Mic

Who should purchase this ?
Whether you are a hobbyist or a complete professional this microphone can be used for a lot of different purposes like: Vlogging, For making teaching videos, Voiceovers, podcasts, lecture videos etc. The Audio quality that this microphone offers is a steal for the price in which it comes.
Who should not purchase this ?
Let’s be honest, this microphone is a bang for the buck but when you compare it with those higher end microphones that are under 5k-10k price range you’ll obviously find the higher end microphones better. Basically anyone for whom a higher budget isn’t a problem should obviously not go for this microphone, as there will be a difference in the audio quality.

Collor Mic

Built in noise reduction Mechanism
High Build Quality
Universal Compatibility
Easy to carry.
Crystal Clear Audio Quality.

Prone to Electrical Interference → Solution: Very simple, Tape the joint of the Splitter cable and the microphone

Wire length may not be adequate for some people → Solution: simply purchase a 3.5 mm wire extension cable.

This is the most budget friendly microphone currently available in India, but don’t think for one second that a low budget implies a low Audio quality, Absolutely not! The Audio quality of this microphone surpasses the price that it comes in, giving you an impeccable voice that rules the internet 😀


  • ✅ Perfect for Youtubers: We designed this lavalier microphone for people who are planning to launch their Youtube channel. This mobile microphone works incredibly for lecture videos, Product review videos,Screencasting Videos, Vlogs etc. As it is a lapel mic you can easily tie the clip around your T-shirt/shirt and you are ready to record Crystal clear Audio with your Smartphone/DSLR/PC.
  • ✅ Built-in Noise Reduction Mechanism: Mechanism: Although it is impossible for a collar mic to completely eliminate external noise, but this mic is designed in such a way that the external noise can be reduced as much as you want. However it is really important that you try to eliminate any other source of external noise such as Fans ,coolers, Air conditioners, Open windows etc. to get the best audio quality.
  • ✅ 2 meter long Anti-friction Wire: The length of this microphone is around 2 metres which makes it perfect to record videos if the subject is not standing very near to the camera. The Anti-friction wire makes sure that you won’t get any electrical interference with the audio while recording a video and it also provides durability to the microphone.
  • ✅ Universal Compatibility: Our DSLR mic is compatible with more than 90% of the devices out there, as the MICROPHONE SPLITTER CABLE comes along with the package so you can pretty much use this mic with any device you want, be it Android smartphones, Laptops, PC, DSLR, etc. However in some devices you may have to adjust some settings to make this work, if you face any problems please contact us at our helpline, We will be more than happy to help you.
  • ✅ Complete After sales Customer support: This is something unique that no other brand offers, if you face any problems with the product, if you need any tip or guidance with recording videos, if you want to learn how to filter out the noise properly from the audio or any other video production issue, we will guide you step by step. Incase you don’t like our product you can always return it within the return period window.


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