3 in 1 Charging Cable


[3-IN-1 CHARGING CABLE]: This Universal cable can simultaneously charge android, iOS and Type C devices. All combined 3 in 1/triple power cord. All in One Charger

[ULTRA DURABLE USB CABLE]:  Universal cable is made of High-quality Nylon material which makes it resistant to fraying and wear-related damage, more flexible and durable

[STRONG, FLEXIBLE AND HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS USED]: 3-IN-1/TRIPLE USB cable is made of the extra strong durable wire core and strong external jacket with aluminum. Premium ports enhances the durability, safety and flexibility

[UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY]: Charging cable includes Micro USB, Type C, iPhone USB (micro & type c only support charging), which can charge most of the mobile phones on this planet


3 in 1 Charging Cable

High-Quality Nylon Braided Multi-function Fast Charging cable for Android, iOS and Type C devices, 3 in 1 Charging Cable, 3A , ( 3 Feet ) BLACK

  • 3-in-1 Charging cable brings in a new, innovative and quality charging experience to the user with the high functionality of charging multiples devices conveniently at the same time while travelling or at home or at office.
  • This product is equipped with USB port, iOS cable and type c connector compatible with almost any device and is specifically designed and dedicated for charging.
  • This new multifaceted, portable and resourceful product brings you a fast, reliable and handy source of lightning-fast charging on the go.
  • This single premium charging cable is uniquely equipped with three connectors which save the user the daily trouble of messed and entangled cables.
  • The micro USB connection is perfect for charging a micro USB devices with any USB port and can be used with cell phones, eBooks, digital cameras and so much more.
  • NOTE: Use the cable with Original Adopter for fast charging



One For all and All in one! That’s what you get with  3 in one data cables It gives you the freedom of carrying just one cable which you can connect with micro USB, iOS, and Type C.


This will be the only cable you may need to buy for years to come to connect flawlessly to almost any device with the nylon braided covering and wide compatibility with quick charge support of 3A. Also, it provides a very convenient way to charge while traveling.


3-in-1 cables provide universal compatibility with its three interchangeable cables with simultaneous and easily accessible charging. This device is fully efficient to be inter-operable

with a large number of devices like compatible with Android and iOS Smartphones. Some devices which are compatible are namely, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, LG, Sony, PS4, PS Vita, Vivo, Oppo, One Plus, Go Pro GPS devices, portable chargers, Bluetooth speakers, etc.


3-in-1 functionality of the cable can help in quickly charging multiple devices from a single port. And it is built with nylon braided wire and a user-friendly design.3 in 1 data cable is extra stronger than the normal charging data cables and covered with aluminum foil tinned copper core material. And 6000+ bends for lifespan it has more durability Compared to normal data cables


3 in 1 charging data Cable product is built with Premium aluminum foil tinned copper core material containing TPE jacket which is not only long-lasting, which is suitable for charging multiple devices at the same time and also provides safety and stability to both the source and the connectors by maintaining sustainability. It boasts of enduring strain multiple times more than the ordinary cables


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