pop socket

Cartoon pop socket phone holder- mix designs


Pop socket is the best, affordable and stylish choice as a mobile phone holder. Change it whenever you want, as it doesn’t leave any sticky marks.

Product Description

The premium quality stickers give these cartoon pop socket phone holders a classy vibe. The smooth surface, superior quality, and premium print can last for a minimum of two years. But one can change it as per their interest easily and switch to another cartoon printed pop socket.

It never leaves any sticky marks behind it. It is the most convenient stand, which lets the user place it as a stand wherever they want to watch movies on their smartphones and tablets.

Most of our team members are using these cartoon pop socket phone holders, and everyone reviewed that it is really straightforward to stick the pop grips to glass backend phones.

One can make a strong grip on their phone while texting or taking selfies. The most important thing is that it offers a classy and fab look for our expensive smartphones.


  • Easy to remove adhesive
  • Premium and heavy-duty product
  • Durable prints
  • Available in different cartoon characters


  • A bit expensive

Bottom Lines

The superb adhesive of these pop socket mobile holders ensures a great grip and seamless removal process.

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